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Let’s Chat About The Online Boat Loan Calculator

If you haven’t taken out a loan recently, not up to speed with current interest rates on boat finance or not familiar with boat loan packages, then the online boat finance calculator Australia is a great resource – and no chatting required!

The boat loan calculator is an online tool which you can use as often as you like, from wherever you have access to a computer or online mobile device.

It is easy to use and can quickly calculate estimate repayments based on a total loan figure for a range of boat loan interest rates and a range of loan terms.

The result – you receive an estimate of your monthly repayments, it’s as easy as that!

No embarrassing and intrusive questions to answer, no waiting on hold to the bank just to get a rough idea of what you will be up for.

How to Use the Boat Loan Calculator

      • Access the online calculator
      • Enter the details as requested and indicated in each box
      • Enter the amount of the purchase – remember our earlier tips to include any additional funds you may require for improvements, repairs, warranty charges, transportation and delivery costs etc
      • Enter the interest rate from 5% to 17.95%. If you are not sure of the current rates, go to Jade Boat Loans
      • Enter the length of time you wish to pay off the loan. These can be represented in months or years.
      • Enter your preferred balloon or residual payment. This is a percentage of the total loan and is payable when the loan term expires and must be paid in a lump sum. This of course can be re-financed at the time of loan expiration if you desire.

Advanced Application Options

The boat loan calculator has many advanced features which you can utilise for your boat loan enquiries.

The interest rate can be varied from 5% to 17.95% which will adjust the monthly repayment figure. You can use this as a guide to know what interest rates to look out for in a loan that suits your budget.

The length of the loan term can be varied from as little as 12 months upwards. The longer the term the lower the monthly repayments. Keep in mind the age and life of the boat if purchasing a used boat when considering long term loans. Will you recoup the balance of the loan if you sell the boat before all repayments are made?

The residual or balloon figure can also be varied to suit your budget. If you feel you would prefer to pay a large amount at the end of the loan and have lower monthly repayments, then you can opt for a larger percentage. This is an attractive option for high priced luxury boats and commercial vessels where the residual can be re-financed or paid out when trading up.

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