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Let’s Chat About Boats Sales

So you’ve stopped chatting about it and made the decision to buy a boat.

Now it’s time to chat about exactly what boat you are going to buy and who you are going to purchase it from.

This is probably a good time to listen to the chat from other boating enthusiasts and look at the links we provide so you can make a considered decision.

      • New Boat Dealers
      • Second Hand Boat Yards
      • Boat Brokers

If you have a certain type of boat in mind, then you can consider specialist outlets:

      • Skiboats
      • Fishing Boats
      • Jetskis
      • Small Sailing Boats
      • Luxury Cruisers and Yachts
      • Commercial Vessels

Get competitive quotes from various dealers so you have some negotiating power.


Let’s Chat About Purchasing New or Used Boats

Buying a brand newboat straight from a dealer is every boating enthusiast’s dream come true. The quality, performance and luxury of today’s new cruisers and yachts is superb.

You can also consider the pre-completed stage purchase by buying from a boat builder.

You can see firsthand, your boat during the construction phases and have input on your choice of finishes, interior design and what optional extras you would like included.

New boats, whether complete or custom-built usually come with warranties which offer peace of mind and assurance. If there is a charge for the warranty or an extended warranty, this charge can often be included in your finance package.

Similar to motor vehicles, new boats may also include a free service period or fixed servicing. Purchasing boats with new engines, means you should not be up for mechanical servicing costs for some time, dependent of course on your usage.

While dreaming of that brand new boat, perhaps it’s out of your budget and there is plenty of chat over the advantages of purchasing a second hand boat.

Obviously cost is the major factor, however, there is also insurance and registration to consider as well as the cost of a berth or anchorage or storage for your boat to take into account.

If a second hand boat is more attractive to you, there are many factors to consider:-

  • The age of the boat itself and the engines and what maintenance and servicing costs may be incurred in the short term.
  • Boat title checks. Ensure you are purchasing from a reputable source and ask your boat finance broker if they assist with title checks while preparing your finance package.
  • General wear and tear – how is the condition of the interior, does it need a renovation?
  • Layout and inclusions. Does the existing layout and set up suit your intended purpose or will you want to make immediate changes. If you do want to make changes, ask your finance broker if these costs can be included in your boat loan package.
  • After sales support is not usually available for second hand boats, so if this is important to you, perhaps a new boat is the preferable option.

Let’s Chat About Online Boat Sales

In this online environment, there is a growing online presence for boat sales. Both billboard style sites for private listings as well as online brokers and dealer sites.

Buying online allows you to access great boats from further afield than your local area, giving you a much larger range of options to consider.

Online boat sales sites also provide you with a great way to compare prices for similar boats, easily and in private.

You may have find better prices in regional areas compared with city options and you can factor in the transportation costs in your boat loan package. If you need to transport a vessel from another port you may like to consider employing a professional skipper to handle this for you.

Like all online sales, checking out the credentials of the seller and validating the details of the boat are essential.

Utilise services on and visit boating enthusiast chat forums for the scuttlebutt.

Let’s Chat About After Sales Support

In your excitement to secure a great boat purchase deal, don’t overlook the value of after sales support. Does the seller offer such a package? Do they have their own workshop to effect repairs and maintenance? Is there a cooling off period? Are they prepared to cover any issues in a warranty period?

Whether you are purchasing a new or use boat, having high quality and reliable after sales service and support can be priceless.