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Welcome to Boater Chat, where you can catch up with the talk on buying boats and how to finance your boat purchase.

Let’s Chat About Boats Sales

Boating enthusiasts love talking boats and when it comes to ‘which boat should you choose’, it seems everyone has an opinion. Once you let your mates know you’re in the market for a boat, you’ll probably get plenty of their advice, even if you don’t ask for it!

Opinions vary on which brand is better, how each model performs, sail versus power and so the chat goes on, seemingly forever.

One of the hot topics for boat chat is old versus new debate. Should you purchase a brand new vessel from a dealer or go searching for a sensational second hand deal?

There’s plenty to chat about in regards to the options available for skiboats, fishing boats, sailing boats and yachts, houseboats, family runabouts, luxury cruisers and commercial vessels.

To find the boat that is right for you, you need to get past the chat and get down to serious considerations. We’ll give you some guidelines on our Boat Sales page.

Let’s Chat About Boat Loans and Finance

Along with which boat to buy, there is plenty to chat about in regard to boat financing for both private boat purchases and commercial vessels.

You can save a lot of wasted time by going directly to an accredited boat finance broker, who will be able to assist you with all the documentation, approvals and dealings with the lender.

If you decide to approach the bank directly, listen to their chat and you’ll quickly realise that they have strict company rules in regard to loans and often take into consideration all the aspects of the vessel and yourself in coming up with an offer for you. They are also restricted to the lending products offered by their bank, which may not be the best suited to you.

On the other hand, a broker has access to a wide range of lending product from many sources and after a chat with you, they can quickly assess which will be best suited to both you and your boat.

    • Finance packages for commercial marine vessels
    • Boat loans for all types of watercraft including jetskis, dinghies and houseboat

Chat with us on our Boat Finance webpage

Let’s Chat About Boat Loan Calculators

An online boat loan calculator allows you to avoid the chat and cut straight to the chase.

By simply entering the amount you want to borrow, the interest rate, balloon and loan term you can quickly and easily receive an estimate of the monthly repayments on the boat you’re considering.

If the repayment is not quite within your budget, you can vary the interest rates, term of the loan and the residual till you reach a repayment figure that you’re ready to chat about.

The online boat loan calculator can be accessed from your computer or your mobile device and is quick and easy to use. No special skills are required.

This online resource allows you to avoid the chat and a lot of intrusive and time-consuming questioning from the bank or lender, just to get some idea of what you can afford.

Use the boat loan calculator before you start looking so you know what boats are within your price range.

Online calculators can’t estimate any loan fees and charges, which may be applied by different lenders, so keep that in mind and call us if you require further guidance with using the boat loan calculator.